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Our own new bitcoinmats are working!

We are happy to announce you start running our own new orange Bitcoinmats. Try them in Prague in YMCA, Na Poříčí 12, in a shop Pražská čokoláda, Nerudova 19 and two machines in Client’s centre in Arbesově náměstí. In Ostrava you can buy and sell via Bitcoinmat in Exchange in Reální 6.

Service suspended on August 1st 2017

Dear clients,

On the 1st of August it is very likely new cryptocurrency BitcoinCash (BCC) will be created as a fork of the current Bitcoin. In the light of this fact we would like to inform you about the planned steps by the companies from the world BTC business, SE group:

  • 23:59 CET on 31st July we will temporarily suspend our Bitcoinmats, services Easycoin and BitcoinBanking. We plan to resume the regular service as soon as i tis possible and safe. Expected date is 2nd of August.

  • The transactions on the EasyCoin orders recieved during this period will be solved as soon as we relaunch the service at the rates at that time.

  • At the moment we dont plan to implement the BCC into our services. Clients of the BitcoinBanking that would like to recieve the BCC into their own external wallet supporting BCC can contact us and request their BCC during 14 days period after its creation.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.
Thank You for your confidence!

On behalf of the world BTC business, SE
Martin Stránský, CEO

New service in Poland

We are happy to announce we have reached the polish market with Bitcoin exchange service cz.bitstock.com
We are doing our best to spread all over Europe. Thank you for your trust.

Minimum amount raised

Dear clients, due to technical reasons, we have temporarily raised the minimal amount for the BTC exchange to 2000 CZK. We will restore the original minimal amount as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Changes in trading from January 1st, 2017

Due to amendment of the Act No. 368/2016 Coll., which relates to precaution against legalization of earnings from criminal activity and financial support of terrorism, changes occur in trading of virtual currency from 1st, 2017. Changes are MANDATORY and have to be respected by ALL traders with virtual currency in the Czech Republic.

Bitcoin via cash in tobacconist chain GECO

Purchasing and selling bitcoins via cash is temporarily interrupted from January 1st, 2017 to January 29th, 2017 due to mentioned amendment of the law and additional training of staff at the GECO's sales chain. Purchasing and selling bitcoins via cash in tobacconist chain GECO will be again operational on January 30th, 2017, transactions will be limited to the amount of 25 000 CZK. Trading of bigger amounts will be subjected to the client's registration.

Bitcoin online

Online purchasing and selling bitcoins is limited to the amount of 25 000 CZK per person / bank account. In a case of limit exceeding, provider must NOT realize the transaction without client´s registration. If the client cannot be contacted from our side, the amount of money or bitcoins will be send back to the bank account or the bitcoin address.

Bitcoin banking

Bitcoin Banking still allows our clients to make over limit transactions without restrictions.

We are and we will be Czech company with a motivation to trade virtual currency across the World.

Kindly please, accept our appology for inconveniences and the short unavailability of EasyCoin's service - bitcoin via cash in tobacconist chain Geco. As a Czech company we have to respekt laws of our country.

Martin Stránský